An Example Presentation of Organization on the Career Centre of the University of Maribor website

Company name, slogan, logo, web site

Who are we/what we do: (example: Enterprise LLC (or d. o. o.) is a leading European enterprise. We offer complete solutions in healthcare information technologies on the Slovene market for 20 years. Our solutions are for sale in more than 20 countries and we provide our clients with dependable, flexible and readily solutions…)
Our vision/our mission: (example: we will continue to expand our consultancy services, with the emphasis on establishing partnerships with international clients and raising awareness among academicians about their potential; we promote values and relations among people; for us, success, life and job satisfaction are the most important aspects…)

Our business, our products: (example: top-level solar systems will importantly decrease your costs; our products provide new standards for welding and combine the most stimulating aesthetic aspects with shapes and functions demanded by contemporary architects and designers…)
Key clients: (example: medical professionals, dentists, mechanical engineers, accountants, sociologists, political scientists, journalists, nurses…)

We provide: (example: creative and dynamic working environment, the possibility of further professional development training, professional growth and promotion, visits to other working environments…)
Our expectations: (example: graduates with a university or similar post-secondary degree in mechanics, above-average grades, enthusiasm, experience in comparable areas of expertise, professional IT knowledge, good knowledge of at least one foreign language, adaptability to constant changes and customer expectations…)

• please restrict your text to 2,000 characters (no spacings);
• Career Centre of the University of Maribor reserves the right to meaningful, grammatical and stylistic changes to the text.

Translation: Neža Gajšek

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