The Career Centre of the University of Maribor provides a wide range of services for students, graduates and employers.

Individual and group career counselling

Individual career counselling provides students and graduates with detailed information on career opportunities and development. We offer career advice and support graduates in their search for employment. The majority of people underestimate their potential and skills. Do you know your skills, esp. the ones you use most and those you want to use more often? Do you know why exploring your career interests is extremely important? Which career-related activities do you find interesting? If you would have to choose your favourite career-related activity, which one would it be? People take up employment for different reasons. Can you point out those work values that are most important to you? Are you familiar with the key factors for a successful career? Which are the activities you enjoy most? Are these activities part of your professional or private life? What are the consequences of these patterns? How to write a convincing CV using the CAR model? What key elements should a CV include? Which skills and competences should be included in a CV? Career counsellors are available during official hours.


The Career Centre of the University of Maribor organizes various events, such as lectures, seminars, workshops, discussions and meetings. The majority of these events may be attended by all students and graduates interested, while others are organized for specific groups. We also arrange visits to potential employers. More

Information on job vacancies, internships and career prospects

Students and graduates of the University of Maribor can obtain information on job vacancies and internship programmes in Slovenia and abroad. Employers may advertise job vacancies and internship programmes on our website free of charge. Useful information on career prospects and development can be found on our website.

Cooperation with companies/employers

Companies may cooperate with the Career Centre in the following manner:
- job and internship advertisements
- access to the CV database
- company presentations at faculties and on our website

In order to facilitate and encourage cooperation between the University of Maribor, employers and the Career Centre, we provide employers with the opportunity to post topics for theses or other assignments focusing on expert solutions.

These services are free of charge. Please contact us on .(JavaScript mora biti omogočen, če si želite ogledati ta naslov).


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